Company Philosophy

Down to Earth Civils is focused on providing the highest standard of technical and management expertise to all our clients in the market place with Civil Engineering projects of all types and sizes, particularly on projects where these skills are often in short supply. Down to Earth Civils is committed to providing personalised, focused and innovative service to address the needs of its clients.

Our guiding principal is an uncompromising quality of service to provide result-orientated solutions to meet client requirements. The interests and safety of employees and the community is given priority through active participation in safety, health and environment issues. Thereby the reputation and integrity of the client and the contractor are equally protected and promoted.

We aim to accomplish these philosophies through:

  • Maintaining high standards of business integrity and professionalism.
  • Promoting innovation and new ideas for better engineering solutions to challenges.
  • Resolving any challenges in a personal, open and direct manner.

Core Competencies

Civil Engineering has a varies range of activities and fields of expertise. Down to Earth Civils targets projects where their core competencies can best be applied to provide effective and high-quality results:

  • Township infrastructure: sewer, water, storm water, service ducts, etc.
  • Roadworks: new road construction, road rehabilitation and reconstruction
  • Earthworks: large bulk and small earthwork projects
  • Project management and labour based construction projects
  • Demolition and site clearing works
  • Large concrete structures: road bridges, pipe bridges and reservoirs
  • Building infrastructure: pump stations, canals and culverts

Building and Construction

In 2013 Down To Earth Civils joined forces with Mike Lowe and Ivan Pretto to establish M²Building (Pty) Ltd.

The opportunity of providing synergy between Civil and Building Professions has helped us provide a complete service to our clients with a greater focus on quality and service delivery.

M² Building compliments Down to Earth Civil’s with its valuable expertise in:

  • Industrial buildings
  • Industrial refurbishments
  • Structural civil works
  • Executive and residential properties
  • Commercial developments

For more information on M² Building click on the link above.

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